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You have no idea who I will become
Just because you always stay the same
Doesn't mean that I'm like you
Tell me how you've done so well
And how your life has so much meaning
You mean nothing to me
You mean nothing to anyone
No more lies, tell me what the fuck have you ever done
You know nothing of what I've become
You are nothing to me; I'm running on the path of antipathy
When you wake tonight I'll be the last thing you see
What I've done to myself will pale to what I'll do to you
Quit your fucking complaining
When I'm done with you there will be nothing left
So tell me one last time
How great you fucking are
How great you fucking are
Any remnants of my past are long fucking gone
This hateful shell of a man
Is what I've become
This is what I have become
A hateful shell of a man


from Antipathy, released February 7, 2013



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