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This is our time, this is your reckoning
I don't know what I've done, who you are, where you've been or how I got here
My recollection is based on only what you fucking let me see
Don't live for the artificial, under manufactured lies
And now you've laid down all your virtues, your life is a lie
Subsequently dead to me, be aware of the consequence
Does he know you haven't been saved?
We are unbreakable
You puncture veins to inject poison in the innocent
You know someday that your empire will fall
So take a look at yourself before you judge me
You don't fucking know me, you do not offend me
You don't fucking know me, shut your fucking mouth and open your eyes
If you go looking for the fucking devil, you're bound to find him
And when you do, give him this message
Satan come find me, I've got a bullet with your name
Tear a whole to a new world, one with greatness
Because this place is completely fucked
Open your eyes, you're already inside.


from Antipathy, released February 7, 2013



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Immoral (Official) San Diego, California

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